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Who we are

FICOM, a Supply Chain Management company and strategic partner, provides a range of services to its clients across the business spectrum. It also serves as a key constituent of the founder’s horizontal integration efforts between her businesses and partners. Pertinent to these efforts by the founder, FICOM is also engaged on import-export consultancy, logistics consultancy/support, commodity supply provisions, and other services tailored to our clients’ needs; we have strategically positioned ourselves where we have better access to, information, foreign currency and key mentorship, guided and steered by qualified professionals, out-of-the-box thinkers, and the founder herself.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to provide professional services and quality products; maintaining a satisfied customer base with peace of mind is our goal. With over 150 finished projects and 8 awards, FICOM does not see and end in sight as to how it can continue creating value. Our goal is to push our limits further, and provide the best possible services in the industry.

Why Choose Us

- We deliver products better, faster and cheaper
- We like to see ideas hatch and grow
- We offer innovative cost effective solutions to the community
- Well established to bring local knowledge and global capabilities to our customers.
- We provide quality services that exceeds the expectation of our clients, helping us grow our client base.

"Everything is designed, but some things are designed well."

Our Core Values


Consistency and reliability in what we do lies at the center of who we are.


Quality and professionalism is what we stand for.


Transparent and smooth operations is what makes our clients trusts us.


Our team is composed of lifelong learners who love what they do.

Value Creation

We create value because we love it, to stay in business, and to sustain our efforts towards developing our employees, achieving our social responsibilities, and to further our agenda on women empowerment and community development.

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